Anderton St Joseph's       

26th February 2017


CONFESSIONS – Saturday 4.15 pm - 5.15 pm and for 10 minutes after weekday Masses

Sat 5.30 pm       Holy Mass – Parishioners
9.30 am        Holy Mass – Deceased Members of the Choir

WeekdaysMorning Prayer 20 minutes before Mass.   Rosary afterwards, except Wednesday when the Divine Mercy Chaplet will be recited.

Mon 27 Feb
9.10 am         Holy Mass -  Ann Critchley (A)

Tue 28 Feb
9.10 am        Holy Mass -  Fr Kevin Snape (L.D.)

                   (Day of Fast & Abstinence)
9.30 am        Holy Mass & Distribution of Ashes – Patricia Kerfoot
7.00 pm        Holy Mass & Distribution of Ashes -  Radovan Katic (L.D.)

Thurs 2 Mar
9.10 am        Holy Mass – Fr Peter Joseph Kane (A)

Fri 3 Mar    Women’s World Day of Prayer
11.30 am   Stations of the Cross
12.00 noon  Holy Mass –  Philip Fishwick (80th Birthday Blessings)

Sat 4 Mar  Our Lady’s Saturday
9.10 am         Holy Mass (Extraordinary Form) – Fr William Berry (A)
4.15 pm – 5.15 pm Confessions

Sat 5.30 pm Holy Mass – Margaret Jackson (Birthday Memories)
9.30 am        Holy Mass – Parishioners

Please pray for Pope Benedict,all the sick and housebound of the parish.
"Heal thy servants, O Lord, who are sick and who put their trust in thee. Send them help, O Lord, and comfort from thy holy place."

CANON JONES: His funeral arrangements are not yet known.

COLLECTION last weekend was £494. Many thanks for your support and generosity.  Cheques for any monies given to the parish should be made payable to: St Joseph’s Parish Account (068). Next retiring collection is for the Restoration Fund on 5th March.

‘PALM AMNESTY’ – Do you have any old palms/crosses lurking at home?  They can be left in the box provided in the porch this weekend and on Monday. They will be burnt and their ashes used as a sign of our repentance on Ash Wednesday – 1st March.

APF RED BOXES: Collectors will be coming round to empty your boxes over the next four weeks. Forms are available for those who wish to Gift Aid their donations.  Contact  APF Local Secretary, Kath Heald, tel. 483401.

PLEASE NOTE: During Lent there will be only one Mass on Fridays - at 12.00 noon.  Stations of the Cross will be said at 11.30 am each Friday during Lent.

ST JOSEPH’S 100 CLUB: If you would like to join in time for the March draw you may pay £11 for 11 months. Complete one of the envelopes and hand it in with the money.

CONVERTS’ COURSE Father is thinking of starting a series of lessons for anyone interested in becoming a Catholic.  If you, or anyone you know, would like to find out more about the Catholic Faith, please see Father after Mass.

SHOWING SOON: The next film to be shown in the Upper Room is ‘Faith of Our Fathers - the English Martyrs’.  Part 1 will be shown at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 8th March with Part 2 to follow on Wednesday 15th March at 2.00 pm.

BONGA: The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul have written to thank us for the annual donation (£552.34 in 2016) which will be sent to Ethiopia towards the Alitena Youth project.   Their letter can be seen on the notice board in the porch.

CHORLEY BRANCH of The Walsingham Association has some places available on their annual Pilgrimage to Walsingham, departing on Monday 12th June.  The total cost is £291 per person.  If you would like to go or to have further information, please contact Miss José Noblet on 01257 265498.  A deposit of £25 per person is required to book and you should contact José as soon as possible within the next 2 weeks.

ASH WEDNESDAY MARKS THE START OF LENT: The English word comes from Old English “Lencten” meaning springtime, when the daytime lengthens.  It is a season of new beginnings and spiritual training.  We start with the Distribution of Ashes at Mass at 9.30 am (when our Primary school will join us) and 7.00 pm.  Ash Wednesday is a Day of Fasting and Abstinence i.e. we reduce the amount of food we eat that day and refrain from eating meat.
We will have Stations of the Cross at 11.30 am followed by Mass at 12.00 noon, each Friday in Lent.
Lent is a season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving: you might make a special effort in Lent to come to daily Mass; and undertake some form of self-denial in respect of food or drink.

LENTEN ALMS: During Lent the Poor Box will become the Lenten Alms Box.  Prayer, Fasting and Alms-Giving are part of a Christian’s life throughout the year, but take on a new intensity and meaning in this holy season.  You’ll find the Lenten Alms Box in the porch.

HELP would be appreciated on Tuesday 28th February, after morning Mass, to change altar and statue cloths.  The statues are rather heavy so it is a task that needs several pairs of hands, including some strong ones if any men of the parish are free.
NEXT MEETING OF THE SVP is on Wednesday 8th March at 7.00 pm, in the back sacristy.

THIS SUNDAY your prayers are asked for all those people and their families suffering from the effects of lack of employment.

THIS YEAR’S CHRISM MASS will take place at Liverpool Cathedral on Wednesday 12th April. A coach will pick up from Adlington at 5.00 pm and will return for approx. 10.45 pm.  The cost for adults is £10 per adult, with under 16s going free.   If you would like to attend please put your name on the list in the porch, put your fare in one of the envelopes provided and hand it in to the Sacristy.  For any further information please speak to Michael Cross who is organiser for the parish for this event.  All names and fares please by Monday 3rd April.  Altar Servers are most welcome to go along and represent the parish, serving with other Altar Servers from the Diocese. Any Servers wishing to serve, please speak to Fr O’Shea.

THE CATHOLIC HERALD: From this weekend, instead of ‘The Universe’, we’ll be selling a different newspaper: ‘The Catholic Herald’.  It’s more attractive and is an all-round better publication. Why not give it a try this weekend?

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Quarant’ Ore (our Annual Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament) will be from 6.00 am, Saturday 22nd April until 10.00 pm, on Sunday 23rd.

DID YOU KNOW that the current £1 coin is to be replaced?  The new coins will appear in March and the old ones will only be legal tender for several months, until the autumn. So, make sure you dig out all your old coins from piggy banks, savings jars and the back of the sofa in good time to use them.

LITTLE CHURCH usually meet during 9.30 am Sunday Mass, for the benefit of the little children.

REPOSITORY: Cards for all occasions including Birthdays, sympathy and Mass cards, First Holy Communions, Directories, Missals, medals, crucifixes, silver crosses & much more.  Prayer cards for St Peregrine (Patron Saint of cancer sufferers). 

CHORLEY HOSPITAL: Please contact St Joseph’s, Harper’s Lane (262713) if any member of your family is admitted into the Hospital and needs the priest to visit.  In an emergency, the ward staff will call in the duty priest chaplain via the switchboard.

BAPTISMS:  For baptisms would parents please contact Fr O’Shea, not by telephone, but in the sacristy after a weekend Mass and obtain a Baptism Application Form.

PATRON SAINT OF MOTHERS:  Mums, especially Mums-To-Be, who would like to venerate the parish's relic of Saint Gerard Majella (to whom our side altar is dedicated) and/or receive the Blessing of Expectant Mothers, please ask Fr O'Shea.

THE UPPER ROOM is available to hire for all your meetings, functions, parties etc.

CHORLEY FOOD BANK (Living Waters Storehouse): Please continue to support the food bank.  Donations may be left in the church porch to be taken through to Chorley.

THE LENTEN ARMS BOX is available in the porch for donations.  Many thanks for your gifts, which are put to good use.

WEEKLY COLLECTION ENVELOPES FOR 2017/2018: the new envelope sets are now available in the church porch.  If you are not already on the list to receive a set and would like one, please leave a note of your name & address in the sacristy.

Parish Priest: Fr Ian O’Shea (01257) 480237
Parish Office: St Joseph’s Presbytery, 28, Bolton Road, Adlington, Chorley PR6 9NA
(Open Wednesdays 10 am – 3.30 pm)
Registered Charity No.232709