Anderton St Joseph's        
                                                               THE BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST
                                                                            6th JUNE 2021

  On the first day of Unleavened Bread , when the Passover 
  lamb was sacrificed , his disciples said to Jesus, ‘Where do 
  you want us to go and make the preparations for you to eat 
  the passover ?’ So he sent two of his disciples , saying to them ,
‘  Go into the city and you will meet a man carrying a pitcher 
  of water . Follow him, and say to the owner of the house 
  which he enters , “The Master says: Where is my dining room 
  in which I can eat the passover with my disciples ?” He will 
  show you a large upper room furnished with couches , all 
  prepared . Make the preparations for us there ,’ The disciples 
  set out and went to the city and found everything as he had 
  told them , and prepared the Passover .And as they were eating he took some bread , and when he 
  had said the blessing he broke it and gave it to them . ‘Take 
  it,’ he said ‘this is my body.’ Then he took a cup, and when he 
  had returned thanks he gave it to them , and all drank from 
  it, and he said to them , ‘This is my blood , the blood of the 
  covenant , which is to be poured out for many. I tell you 
  solemnly , I shall not drink any more wine until the day I 
  drink the new wine in the kingdom of God.’ After psalms had 
  been sung they left for the Mount of Olive s . [Mark 14:12- 16,22- 26]

  Sat 5th St Boniface
  17.00 Vigil Mass at St Mary’s Chorley
   10.00 10.00 Mass at St Mary’s Chorley
  11.30 Mass – Roy Smith
  Mon 7th St Robert of Newminster, abbot (1159) St Colman of Dromore
  Tues 8th St William Fitzherbert, bishop
  Wed 9th St Columba (Columcille) of Iona, St Ephraem the Syrian
  Thurs 10th Bds Thomas Green & Walter Pierson, Carthusians (1537)
  Fri 11h SACRED HEART OF JESUS, St Barnabas, apostle
  10.00 Mass - 
  Sat 12th Immaculate Heart of Mary 
  10.00 First Communion Mass 
  17.00 Vigil Mass at St Mary’s Chorley 
  Sun.10.00 Mass at St Mary’s Chorley
  11.30 Mass –

  Emeritus Pope Benedict, Joan Bailey, Stan Bolton, Francis Brennan, Gerard Clarke, 
   Jimmy Doherty, John Fearnhead, Mary Fearnhead, Philip Fishwick, Pat Font, Tom 
  Fraser, William Freeman, Barbara Goulding, Cyril Hodkinson, Cathy Hull, John 
  Kerfoot, Mary Johnston, Marion Kerins, Emma King, Gordon Lee, Paul McBeth, Finton
  McPeake, Eddie Marsden, Fr Laurence Mayne, Fr Barry McAllister, Ellen Morris, 
  Teresa O’Malia, Heidi O’Neill, Barrie Swift, Alan Taylor, Irene Tootell, Peter Warren, 
  Betty Wignall, and all at Grove House & Marley Court.

  CORRECTION TO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Kind donation of £100 in memory of 
  Dorothy Crook (not Cross). Apologies.

  HEALTH & SAFETY: Please sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the 
  church, keep to the two metres social distancing, follow the one way system, wear a 
  mask unless you are exempt. Church capacity (funerals included) is about 33 
  “bubbles” or 60 persons. Weddings and baptisms limited to 30 people. No 
  congregational singing allowed indoors. 
      Really bad news is that the infection rate in Chorley went up to 102.4 
  per 100,000 over the seven days ending May 30. [Adlington’s was even higher, 180] 
  In the previous seven day period it was 55. It has nearly quadrupled over the last 
  month. It had dropped to 27. Younger people are not invulnerable. They can still 
  become severely ill, and suffer long Covid for months. 
  Local rates are Blackburn 439, Rossendale 310, Hyndburn 191, Ribble Valley 145, 
  Preston 146, Burnley 139, South Ribble 127, Pendle 103. GMC: Bolton 372, 
  Manchester 137, Bury 136, Salford 130. The England average is 33.7. Looks as 
  though we are heading for another lockdown, rather than a lifting of lockdown. This is 
l  argely due to the Indian or Delta variant which is 50% more infectious that the Kent 
(  Alpha) variant, which was already 30% more infectious than the original strain of the 
  virus. Our misfortune is that of being so close to Bolton 
  and Blackburn where it first exploded.

  BAPTISMS: It is very difficult to socially distance in a 
  safe way when administering the sacrament of baptism. 
  Therefore the resumption of baptisms is delayed except 
  i n emergency.

  SAVE THE DATE Sunday festival 11th July 1-5pm. St 
  Gregory's gardens, Weld Bank, Chorley. Free entry. 
  Bring all the family and celebrate with the whole Chorley
  Pastoral Area. We are also looking for any volunteers 
   to help with a stall that our parish can run, probably a 
  tombola and possibly glitter tattoos for the children. If 
  you have any bottles that you wish to donate either 
  bring to church or we can arrange to pick them up from  
  your home. Please feel free to contact Kath 483041 or 
  07584575025, or John 07976869390

   “What wonderful majesty! What stupendous 
  condescension! O sublime humility! That the Lord of the 
  whole universe, God and the Son of God, should 
  humble Himself like this under the form of a little bread, for our salvation…In this world
  I cannot see the Most High Son of God with my own eyes, except for His Most Holy 
  Body and Blood.”-St. Francis of Assisi
  All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 
  because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God. Martyrdom is 
  nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the 
  sacrifice of God for man.” - St. John Vianney, Cure d’Ars
  “ Jesus has made Himself the Bread of Life to give us life. Night and day, He is there. If
  you really want to grow in love, come back to the Eucharist, come back to that 
  Adoration.”-Mother Teresa
  “We must understand that in order ‘to do’, we must first learn ‘to be’, that is to say, in 
  the sweet company of Jesus in adoration.”-St. Pope John Paul II
   “When the Mass is being celebrated, the sanctuary is filled with countless angels, who
  adore the Divine Victim immolated on the altar.”—St. John Chrysostom"O Lord, we cannot go to the pool of Siloe to which you sent the   blind man. But we 
  have the chalice of Your Precious Blood, filled with life and light. The purer we are, the
  more we receive." - St. Ephraem
  "When the bee has gathered the dew of heaven and the earth's sweetest nectar from 
  the flowers, it turns it into honey, then hastens to its hive. In the same way, the priest, 
  having taken from the altar the Son of God (who is as the dew from heaven, and true 
  son of Mary, flower of our humanity), gives him to you as delicious food  
  St Francis de Sales

  Joseph's Chorley (262713) if any member of your family is
  admitted into Chorley Hospital and needs a visit. Please, by
  making a request for the visit, make sure that the ward
  staff understand that you would like the RC Chaplain to
  come and administer the Sacraments to your loved one,
  the ward staff will call the Chaplain on his bleep/phone.
  For the chaplaincy service at Royal Preston Hospital please
  ring 01772 522435. For the chaplaincy service at Wigan
  Infirmary T. 01942 822324.

  “As bodily nourishment restores lost strength, so 
  the Eucharist strengthens our charity, which 
  tends to be weakened in daily life; and this living 
  charity wipes away venial sins. By giving himself 
  to us Christ revives our love and enables us to 
  break our disordered attachments to creatures 
  and root ourselves in him… Catechism of the 
  Catholic Church (1394)

  One of the most admirable effects of Holy 
  Communion is to preserve the soul from sin, and 
  to help those who fall through weakness to rise 
   again. It is much more profitable, then, to 
  approach this divine Sacrament with love, 
  respect, and confidence, than to remain away 
  through an excess of fear and scrupulosity. 
   – St. Ignatius of Loyola

  "God dwells in our midst, in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar." St. Maximilian Kolbe

  The Beauty of Marriage

  Let us pray for young people who are preparing for marriage with the support of a
  Christian community: may they grow in love, with generosity, faithfulness and

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