Anderton St Joseph's        

29th November 2020

May God our Father and
the Lord Jesus Christ send
you grace and peace . I
never stop thanking God
for all the graces you have
received through Jesus
Christ. I thank him that you
have been enriched in so
many ways, especially in
your teachers and
preachers ; the witness to
Christ has indeed been
strong among you so that
you will not be without any
of the gifts of the Spirit
while you are waiting for
our Lord Jesus Christ to be
revealed ; and he will keep
you steady and without
blame until the last day, the day of our Lord Jesus Christ,
because God by calling you has joined you to his Son, Jesus
Christ; and God is faithful.
1 Corinthians 1:3-9
Jesus said to his disciples , ‘Be on your guard , stay awake ,
because you never know when the time will come . It is like a
man travelling abroad: he has gone from home , and left his
servants in charge , each with his own task; and he has told
the door keeper to stay awake . So stay awake , because you do
not know when the master of the house is coming , evening ,
midnight , cockcrow , dawn; if he comes unexpectedly , he 
must not find you asleep . And what I say to you I say to all:
Stay awake!’ Mark 13:3 3-37

 Sun 29th
Fr Marsden will celebrate the 09.30 livestreamed Mass from St Gregory’s
11.15-12.15 Church open for private prayer

Mon 30th St Andrew, Apostle
Tues 1st Dec. Ss Edmund Campion, Ralph Sherwin and Alexander Briant, martyrs
Wed 2nd
St Francis Xavier, St Birinus
10.00 Mass at St Joseph’s Anderton – Barry Smith
 Fri 4th
 St John Damascene, St Osmund of Salisbury
12.00 Mass at St Mary’s Chorley – Catherine Derbyshire
 Sat 5th St John Almond

Sun 6th SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Bible Sunday
Sat. 17.00 Mass at St Mary’s Chorley
Sun. 10.00 Mass at St Mary’s Chorley
11.30 Mass at St Joseph’s Adlington - Parishioners
11.15-12.15 Church open for private prayer

St Joseph’s church foyer is open via the handicappe d door and the keypad.
Please ring if you need the code. Please try not to touch anything, but if
you do, then sanitize after use. Also you should sign in for track and trace.

including: Emeritus Pope Benedict, 

C MPUBLIC MASSES RESUMED on 3rd December at 10.00. Thanks be to God. Chorley
is in Tier 3. Please note that you must keep up social distancing at 2 metres. Sign
into the Track and Trace and gel your hands. Please only exit the church down the
main aisle. The Rule of 6 also applies in church. You are asked also not to stop
outside the church and chat. Protect yourselves and do not put yourselves at risk. The
limit of 30 for funerals remains, as does that of 6 for baptisms.

VADVENT begins the new Liturgical Year. We are in Year B. The word “Advent”
comes from Latin “adventus.” “presence, coming, arrival.” It was a technical term
which signified the arrival of an official, or a King or Emperor in the provinces. Equally
it could indicate the arrival of a deity who appears out of concealment and powerfully
demonstrates his presence. It translates the Greek parousia, the New Testament
term used for the Second Coming of Christ.

CHORLEY FOODBANK urgently needs donations for Christmas food parcels. Please
take your donations directly to Living Waters on Bolton St on Tues or Fri 09.30 –
2.00pm. It will be very much appreciated. If you want to donate a toy for Christmas, to
Chorley Buddies at St Gregory’s. Please take such gifts directly to St Gregory’s.
Thank you. The deadline for collection of toys has now been brought forward to
Monday 7th December. All toys need to be in to St Laurence’s by that date.
Chorley Buddies, along with St Gregory’s Parish, will have between £5k and £11K to
distribute to families who may need help over Christmas. The plan at the moment is
that we will be allocated all the Catholic Schools and their families who have been
identified as perhaps needing help. This is subject to confirmation, but if so, we will be
offering a £25 Morrison’s e-voucher to each family. Chorley Buddies, along with the
SVP Conferences in Chorley, will also pledge that no-one who is lonely over
Christmas will be without at least one phone call over that period. T. 01257 542367

CHOLD SCHOOL REPAIRS: During the next two weeks Aspull Electrical will be on site,
re-wiring and putting new lighting in the upper room of the old school, replacing the
1960’s switchboard in the old beer cellar etc.
 Work is also currently in progress replacing the old window frames round
the back of the Nursery with new UPVC frames. One set are almost completed, and
some more need to be started for the toilets and the frames either side the back door
main entrance. They all have to be specially made to fit in the stonework.
 It has obviously been a difficult year for Anderton Day Nursery, as for the
parish as a whole, with the prolonged spring and the later November lockdowns,
coupled with all the COVID restrictions. Nevertheless we need to invest for the future
and make sure our parish property is in good condition for all users and tenants.

WE HAVE MUCH TO THANK GOD FOR . Sometimes, it is good to
stop and think about
the good things in our
lives, which we take for
granted, and give
thanks to God for
everything. This year
has most certainly retaught many of us, a lot
of things. The
importance of love and
health, the safety of our
families and friends. The food that we put on the table, the warmth
of our homes. The care given to our sick and suffering. The
parishioners who have died and those who have been very ill. The
doctors and nurses who keep on giving even though they are worn
out. The Emergency Services who report on duty and face many 
​difficulties during a shift. Our local shop keepers, our posties and
binmen/women, the carers who come to our homes. Our priests
who keep on working and sharing the sacrifice of Holy Mass by any
means possible. And many, many more …

CAFOD WORLD GIFTS, CAFOD's range of virtual gifts, make a real difference to
families living in poverty across the world. While we have the coronavirus pandemic
and lockdown here, we can still be good neighbours to our sisters and brothers
overseas by giving World Gifts as Christmas presents to family and friends. The Keep
Clean Kit gift for £6 and the Vegetable Garden gift for £10 are just two gifts that will
help vulnerable families affected by the pandemic to protect and feed
themselves. Let’s spread joy and hope around the world this Christmas.
Visit There will be catalogues in church for those who do not
have access to computers, or Chris Dewhurst is happy to organise delivery to people's
Joseph's Chorley (262713) if any member of your family is
admitted into Chorley Hospital and needs a visit. Please, by
making a request for the visit, make sure that the ward
staff understand that you would like the RC Chaplain to
come and administer the Sacraments to your loved one,
the ward staff will call the Chaplain on his bleep/phone.
For the chaplaincy service at Royal Preston Hospital please
ring 01772 522435. For the chaplaincy service at Wigan
Infirmary T. 01942 822324.
You can try the Bournemouth Oratory, Arundel, Portsmouth, Northampton, Salford or
Shrewsbury Cathedrals, Walsingham shrine and many others. And of course St
Gregory’s, St Joseph’s Harpers Lane, St Joseph’s Withnell, St Mary’s Leyland and St
Mary’s Brownedge closer to hand. has lots of churches in the USA,
Ireland and further afield. Newsletters and newspapers are available in the plastic
box in the outdoor porch, or inside the foyer.
SACRED HEART, CHORLEY has a new webpage – please have a look.
'WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Would anyone like to volunteer to be parish contact for
collection of items to be included in the newsletter? Use of a computer /e-mail needed.
If you would like to help please contact Fr. Marsden. We thank Jennifer Turner for her
many years of helping efficiently with the newsletter, but she feels it is time to step
down now and give somebody else the opportunity.

Doreen Smith’s family wish to thank and express their
gratitude to Fr Francis Marsden , Minister s of the
Eucharist , the Rosary Group and all parishioners ,
friends and neighbours who extended the hand of
friendship to Doreen throughout her life. Thank you
and God Bless.

For a life of prayer
We pray that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ be nourished by the Word of
God and a life of prayer.
Parish Priest: Fr Francis Marsden 
Secretary: Mr Frank Webster

Parish Office: St Joseph’s Presbytery, 28, Bolton Road, Adlington, Chorley PR6 9NA
Tel: 01257- 480237 or 01257- 262537 (St Mary’s Chorley)
Parish Website: